Sweet Home 3D [v.6.1.2] (2019/PC/Русский)

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Дата: 02.02.2019

Sweet Home 3D [v.6.1.2] (2019/PC/Русский)

Информация о программе
Название программы: Sweet Home 3D
Версия программы: 6.1.2
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Лечение: Не требуется

Системные требования:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32/64-bit

Sweet Home 3D — программа, предназначенная для проектирования интерьера. Sweet Home 3D поможет вам виртуально расставить мебель по комнатам вашего дома, выбирая наиболее удачное расположение элементов интерьера. Во время работы можно использовать 3D-модели, которые в большом количестве представлены на официальном сайте и доступны для бесплатной загрузки. Sweet Home 3D дает возможность предварительного просмотра интерьера в 2D (вид сверху), а также может визуализировать конечный вариант расстановки мебели в 3D.

-Кроссплатформенность. Sweet Home 3D может работать на компьютерах с операционными системами Windows, Linux, Mac OS и Solaris;
-Полная русификация;
-Легкое освоение и простота использования;
-Добавление расширений (plug-ins);
-Выгрузка (Экспорт) в OBJ формат;
-Импортирование 3DS файлов в Sweet Home 3D;
-Небольшой размер дистрибутива — всего около 34 Мбайт;
-Дополнительные 3D модели вы можете бесплатно скачать с официального сайта.

Used the Shift key to keep objects moved in the plan aligned along horizontal or vertical axis, and changed the key used to toggle magnetism setting to Alt key under Windows, cmd key under Mac OS X and Shift + Alt key under Linux.
Added Materials option in the furniture modification pane to edit the various materials (colors or textures) of the selected furniture.
Improved the color chooser with the ability to choose a color among RAL and Creative Commons palettes, with a pipette tool or in a list displaying colors recently chosen.
Added options in the room modification pane to change the color or the texture of the wall sides surrounding the modified room.
Added Pattern in plan and Top color in 3D view options in the wall modification pane to change the pattern used to draw a wall in the plan and the color used to paint the top of a wall in the 3D view.
Replaced Wall pattern in plan option by New walls pattern in plan option in the user preferences pane.
Added 3 new wall patterns.
Added 3D view > Delete points of view menu item to delete all or some of the stored points of view.
Added 3D view > Create photos at points of view menu item to create photos at a subset of the stored points of view.
Renamed the existing Inch unit as Foot/Inch/Fraction, made it always display the closest 1/8 inch fraction for lengths shown in the furniture table and in the plan, and removed decimals for areas in square feet.
Added to user preferences the Inch/Decimals unit able to display decimals of an inch for lengths shown in the furniture table and in the plan, and for areas in square feet.
Added Furniture > Import texture menu item to improve the access to the texture import wizard.
Added Furniture > Export to CSV format… menu item.
Set 3D view > Display in separate window / Display in main window menu items shortcut to Ctrl + Alt + Y (cmd + alt + Y under Mac OS X) and enabled program shortcuts in the separated 3D view.
Added an option to choose whether only the selected items in plan or all home 3D items should be exported to OBJ format.
Added a Check updates at program launch check box and a Check update button to user preferences pane to get information about the available updates of the program and SH3F/SH3T/SH3L/SH3P files.
In Aerial view mode, set the height of the rotation center at half height of the visible items in the 3D view.
Added Aerial view centered on selection option to preferences pane to center the 3D view on the selected objects in plan when Aerial view mode is active.
Added a Libraries… button to the About dialog box to display all libraries and plug-ins used by Sweet Home 3D.
Allowed parameterization of the SunFlow rendering engine with properties retrieved from resource properties file or from System properties.
Added texture coordinates to the Box and Cylinder 3D models of the default catalog and set a different material name for each of their face to be able to edit the color or texture of each face individually.
Reduced line thickness in prints.
Set Top view and Floor color or texture as the options at first launch for Furniture icons in plan and Room rendering in plan user preferences under Windows and Mac OS X.
Improved the computing of the elevation of a round ceiling close to a round slopping wall.
Fixed a regression appeared in version 3.0 that could prevent sloping ceilings to be correctly computed.
Fixed a bug that could save files impossible to reopen and without error message.
Ensured window can be resized once opened when its 3D view is detached under Mac OS X.
Accepted white space in MTL files name.
Added support in Online version for Java 7 under Mac OS X with Java 3D 1.6.0-pre7 / JOGL 2.0-rc11 libraries.
Updated English, French, German, Swedish, Hungarian and Bulgarian help pages.
Replaced JRE 6u37 by JRE 6u43 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java.
Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.